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Time tracking for busy professionals

A new approach to time tracking from the maker of Timelog.
Coming mid 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which platforms will be supported?

    The first release will be on iOS. Android will be available shortly after.

  • Who is this app for?

    Professionals like freelancers, cunsultants, coaches and alike will get the most from this app. But anyone who needs some quick and solid time tracking will fall in love with this new app.

  • Will proof be available in other languages?

    Yes. But probably not from the beginning.

  • Will proof be free?

    No. But I am working on some fair pricing models. And by fair I mean that I am having you as the user in mind.

  • What will happen to Timelog once proof is available?

    Timelog will be available until the proof app is solid enough to replace it. I'll be keeping you posted on the proof newsletter that you can subscribe to right here. Upgrading to Timelog Pro is already unavailable today.